50’s Pop Art Handmade Dress

Each year we do a dress up party for our work Christmas party and it’s fitting because it’s a sewing and embroidery company. Some people opt to make their own costumes, while others order their outfits online. This year when browsing through ideas I saw the 50’s Pop Art theme and since I’ve always being a huge fan or Roy Lichtenstein I was keen to make my own dress.

Pattern Information

Pattern: Lekala Dress top and Butterick 5949 skirt. I also added the yellow skirt panel to break up the red and blue dots.
Fabric: 100% Cotton

What did you like about this pattern?

I already had a couple of patterns that I wanted to use so this was really quick and easy to create. It also turned out really good with the different fabric types matching the Roy Lichenstein Pop Art painting, shown below. I did purchase a bright yellow wig but it looked cheap and awful so I ended up leaving it off. To finish off the look I also ordered from face makeup / paint to create the Pop Art look below. Overall I really love the outcome of the outfit and had such a fun night. It was also a lot different to the other costumes being worn, which were mostly Grease themed.

Here is an photo of the night with all the girls in their swing dresses and Grease inspired outfits. They went all out and really decked the party out, even getting entertainers for the night.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

As far as a costume goes this was really fun to design up and quite unique for a 50s party. If you’re confident to get your face makeup done I think this is a really quick costume to match the Roy Lichenstein Pop Art. I have always been pretty obsessed with these designs though, even painting this picture to hang on my wall when I was younger.

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