Beach Themed Quilt

Beach Themed Quilt

When my best friend got married in 2014, I wanted to give her something a little more unique and special. I thought a handmade quilt would be a nice touch and something she could hold onto for a long time. I also decided to theme it in beach colours to reminder her of her wedding day, since she got married at Stradbroke Island in Queensland. Along with my normal present she was completely blown away and it really showed how much handmade items are appreciated, especially when people take into account the time, effort and love spent on each project.

I really loved the design and style of the strip quilts, especially after seeing a few online. My favourite design was this Film in the Fridge quilt which also gave a small tutorial on how it was made. They also looked like they wouldn’t be too time consuming and I was right because it only took me a week to fully complete.

King Single Strip Quilt

Material used for the quilt

  • 3 x 1.6 meters of feature fabric (cut in 6.5 inch strips)
  • 2 x 1.6 meters of blending fabric (cut into 4.5 inch strips)
  • 2 x 1.6 meters of plain fabric (cut into 2.5 inch strips)
  • 2 x 1.6 meters of quilt cotton backing
  • 2 x 1.6 of cotton wadding

All of the fabric was purchased from East Coast Fabrics in Logan, who are always really well priced.

  • $7.95 Quilt fabric (some only $5.95)
  • $10 meter for cotton backing
  • $10 meter for wadding

With the material used above the total cost of the quilt was about $80-$90, which is insane because you can’t even buy plain quilts for that price in retail stores. Plus, I had enough leftover material, already cut up into strips, to make myself a quilt too. All I had to do was go and buy extra wadding and cotton backing. I even had some material left over to make some pillow cases!

Here is the feature that I embroidered onto the back of the quilt with my friends name and date of their wedding. I probably should have embroidered this a little further away from the edge as it was cutting it pretty close to the hand stitched edge. A good lesson for the next quilt I guess. Another idea would have been to sew it onto a separate bit of fabric and then used hot melt web to iron it onto the quilt. You could then sew or hand stitch that onto the quilt.

I hope you like my strip quilt version and take in a new found love of how easy and affordable these quilts really are!

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