BurdaStyle Black Seamed Dress

I’m really excited to be posting my second dress for 2019! I feel like I’m on such a great roll with sewing, getting a lot of inspiration from dresses that I’ve made in the past. Also happy to report being in a great place mentally with work, personal goals and creating new crafting projects and inspiration to keep me going this summer.

Pattern Information

Description: Form fitting sheath dress with great inline styles. Perfect for work, evening or casual wear.
Pattern: BurdaStyle Seamed Dress
Material: Cotton Sateen from Spotlight

What did I like about this pattern?

If I was to take inspiration from any Australian brand it would be from Cue. I don’t often find myself buying expensive designer labels, mostly because when you start sewing you just can’t justify spending over $300 for one outfit. However, if I did spend that much it would definitely be at Cue. I am so in love with their simple, elegant designs, especially when it’s made with beautiful Italian fabric. For me it’s also a great place to start for inspiration.

The thing I love about this BurdaStyle dress is that it’s such a basic, stylish design and works with almost any fabric type. I know because I’ve tried it with so many already, changing the style each time.

I’m going to challenge myself this year to try and work with different fabric types and also make a trip to The Fabric Store in Brisbane to get some proper linen and higher quality cottons. I have a couple of Pinterest clothing boards that I have been collecting inspiration for a number of years now and would love to purchase some more expensive fabrics online.

Did you make any pattern alterations?

Every time I make this dress I try out a different print or skirt pattern. I’ve made it years ago with a pleated skirt which also worked really great. In this version I’ve omitted the pockets to make it more slimline and this also makes it easier to wear with a waist belt.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

I’ve made this BurdaStyle dress a number of times now and it’s one of my go-to patterns when I need to add some new work or weekend dresses to my wardrobe. You can see my previous version BurdaStyle Pleated Dress, which includes a wider pleated skirt. If you don’t mind the BurdaStyle patterns then this is a great addition as it’s quick, simple and easy to make.

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