Burdastyle Checked Button-Up Shirts

I’ve been really enjoying creating my work wardrobe through handmade outfits this year and one of my main ticket items has been a set of new work shirts. Whenever I’ve been looking online the checked shirts have showed up in a lot of fashion stores and thankfully also in local fabric shops. So this project is dedicated to almost an entire weeks work of new handmade checked work shirts.

Pattern Information

Description: This chic button-up blouse can be cut short to wear with a skirt or pants or made long to be worn with leggings. It features dramatic cuffs and darts for a flattering silhouette.
Material: Linen blend from Lincraft
Pattern: BurdaStyle Button Up Tunic

What did you like about this sewing pattern?

This is the second lot of business shirts that I’ve made with this sewing pattern, so I’ve got the fitting perfect now. The final version has shorter sleeves and a longer shirt length.

I secretly love the checked versions and wear them the most to work. The linen and cotton blend shirts are really comfortable to wear and perfect for summer weather.

It’s also great when you get approached by colleagues on where you purchased them and then have to apologise because you handmade them. It’s really great to have something unique when it comes to clothing in the office.

I’ve also managed to get the price down by buying my buttons in bulk on eBay. So overall they probably only cost about $15 in materials. Not a bad way to update your work wardrobe!

Did you make any alterations to this sewing pattern?

The only alterations I made to these patterns was the sleeve length given I live in Queensland, a very humid, hot climate.

Would you recommend this sewing pattern to others?

This was a very easy, quick shirt to stitch up and a great wardrobe filler. If you don’t mind using the Burdastyle online sewing patterns then this is a really great pattern to purchase for your essential work wardrobe. It’s also great for different climates as you can just mix and match your sleeve lengths or fabric types.

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