BurdaStyle Pleated Dress

The BurdaStyle Pleated dress is a beautifully fitted dress, which works amazingly in stretch cotton sateen fabrics. This version I included a pleated skirt and a skirt panel to break up the summery, beautiful floral fabrics.

Pattern Information

Pattern: BurdaStyle Pleated Dress
Description: This is an elegant dress that can be worn to a number of special occasions. You can sew it in a nice metallic material for an evening dress, or opt for a printed silk or cotton for a dress perfect for the daytime.
Fabric used: Cotton Sateen

What did you like about this pattern?

The original dress includes a cutout across the shoulders, so for this version I merged the pattern pieces together so it omitted this piece. I’ve also included the sleeves which is included in the pattern. To get the top sitting a bit more fitted I’ve also added an extra two darts on the neckline.

This dress is one of my absolute favourites created from Burdastyle. I have made so many of these dresses over the past few years and no doubt will continue to create new one. It’s just the perfect dress for so many occasions and works really well in cotton sateen or linen fabrics, which are great for Queensland’s warmer weather.

Did you make any pattern alterations?

The major difference in this version compared to the one shown on BurdaStyle is the skirt. I’ve added about 10-15cm to the width, which allowed me to add four even pleats to the front and back skirt pieces. I also split the bottom of the skirt to create the different coloured panel.

Do you recommend this pattern to others?

I love this pattern from BurdaStyle and I find it’s so easy to create such different looks with the pattern pieces. You can colourblock, combine, split or create the dress in one complete colour.

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