Create beaded jewellery, keyrings or a lanyard!

One hobby I’ve been dying to try out is to create some beaded accessories. I had a look on Instagram and found some really amazing craft suppliers who sold these silicon and metal beads, as well as leather cord and snap closures. I sat down and created a number of accessories including a bracelet, lanyard and kids key rings.

The craft suppliers in Australia that I got my beads from is Over the Rainbow Beads and AJ Craft Supplies. They have pretty much all of the bits and pieces to create any of the things here, plus way more.

For those who work and have to carry around swipe access cards or train passes you could also create a beaded lanyard. These are way better than the dorky company lanyards that you get and you might even remember to wear it each day if it was stylish! Otherwise just create it into a necklace and wear it on it’s own!

I’ve made myself a heap of bracelets because I love the bright colours and designs. This is a really simple and easy hobby and worth trying out with your kids or friends!

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