Learn a new hobby – crochet blankets

This year I wanted to branch out a try a new creative hobby. I started Googling and came across this incredible list of Creative Hobby’s by The Curiously Creative. One of the hobbies that seemed affordable and easy for me was crocheting. All I had to do was pop over to my local craft store and purchase some wool and a crochet needle.

What you need:

  • 100g acrylic wool x 12 (depends how big you want your blanket)
  • Crotchet needle 7mm

Making a granny square blanket

I was a complete beginner at crotchet so I went through a few YouTube videos before I found one I really liked. Some of them went extremely fast or expected you to know the basic steps jumping straight into the quilt, which was very hard to follow along. I highly recommend Bella Coco’s video which went through each step slowly and I found it really easy to follow along to create a basic square. She shows you enough of the blanket that you’re comfortable to continue on, making the rest yourself.

I have been crocheting this blanket each night while watching TV before bed and have created almost a queen size blanket within only one week! I’m so proud of how big this got so quickly and I still have a few balls of wool left over. The best part about this blanket is that you can stop at any size. I started with six balls of wool but ended up going back for another 6, which has pushed it out to this larger queen size.

Since I’ve started back in the office one a day a week and catching the train so this is the perfect hobby to make smaller blankets. I’ve since made one for my kitten Ziggy and also one for my girlfriend who is trying for a baby (I’m just a little bit excited).

I absolutely loved the process of learning a new hobby and excited to see a final product that we can use in the colder months. I have no doubt that there will be multiple blankets floating around the house soon.

If you’re looking for a new hobby I highly recommend checking out the full list of creative hobbies to inspire you to start something new.

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