Copy Cat Hello Molly Dress Sewing Hack

This was the first time I went to purchase a dress that was sold out and no longer being made so I resorted to putting everything I had into recreating it using my sewing skills. I ended up scouring the internet for patterns and at the time there wasn’t an infinite resource of sewing patterns, so I had to get creative.

Below is the original Hello Molly dress that I loved (shown left) and then the Lekala pattern that I found (right) which I thought would be a good match.

Phase One – Pattern Testing

The process to adjust and change the dress into one I was totally in love with was really enjoyable. The first version of the Lekala dress that I created was closer to the original pattern, which included the square neck line. However, for this version I removed the part on the shoulder/neck line that flared in. I also made the sleeves fuller to ensure they fit my shoulders. Below is the first few dresses I made in rayon and cotton sateen to see which fabric suited it better.

Lekala floral dress with wrap skirt – Rayon Fabric
Lekala Wrap Dress with pleated skirt – Cotton Sateen
Lekala Wrap Dress with pleated skirt – Black Rayon

Phase 2 – Pattern Adjusting

I then started to play around with the neckline and skirt pattern to try and make it closer to the original dress. At the time I was also leading into a holiday in the USA where I was attending a festival called “Electric Daisy Carnival”. So I was trying to create a fun, bright dress that I could match with a flower crown.

I was completely obsessed with this version of the dress and it did take a few alterations and tests to get completely right. I also had to ensure that the skirt flowed nicely, being longer on the left, getting shorter at the back to meet the short skirt on the right. There was also a bit of adjustment to the front chest pattern to ensure that it didn’t gape too much, being too revealing.

Pattern success and festival photos!

I ended up taking all three dresses to the festival and went with the below outfit feeling flowery and very girly. It also completely matched my big flower crown. The festival was amazing and surprisingly I met mostly Aussies over there because they were just so outrageous and funny and you could spot (and hear) them from a mile away.

I love looking back on these photos, remembering the night and how many compliments I got from my outfit. Especially being at the start of my sewing journey it really built my confidence and allowed me to learn about pattern adjusting. It just goes to show that the first version of an outfit may not always be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw the pattern away you can adjust, resize or completely change up the pattern pieces.

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