McCalls M7789 Tie Front Dress

I’ve been wanting to sew this dress for a while now and seen so many beautiful versions of it on Instagram. This pattern has a number of variations too so they all look completely different from each other. I purchased this Cotton Sateen fabric from DK Fabrics that I have been holding out to use, wanting to find the perfect style of dress. I’m glad I did, as it worked amazingly and is so soft and comfortable to wear.

I started my tester dress by just using the bow tie front, shoulder straps and the skirt pattern pieces. However, when I gathered the skirt it felt too bunched and it didn’t sit well on me. So I’ve changed it up and still using the skirt pattern I just removed the extra width to the skirt (removing the gathered section). This then created a slim-fitting skirt pattern instead. I also found it strange that you had to try and tuck the top of the skirt top part under and it just felt a bit messy on the inside and not very well lined. To fix this I just cut out a strip (along the top of the skirt) to line the back and stitched it at the same time as the skirt to top piece.

Pattern Information

Description: Close-fitting dress with a tie-front bow and slim fitting skirt with back zipper.
Pattern: McCalls M7789 Dress
Fabric: Cotton Sateen Dress & Lined Shirt – DK Fabrics

The only issue with the bow at the front is it’s hard to find the perfect bra to wear with it. You could end up lining the inside of the top with some padding, which would remove the use of wearing one. Or if you’re like me, you could just just tie the bow really tight and wear a strapless bra anyway.

I loved the style of this dress so much I ended up cutting out a shirt version to wear with jeans. I had the most gorgeous linen fabric in mind, so I jumped straight to it and made this pink version. It’s crazy to think I originally used this fabric for a Baby Doll Dress when I was 18. This was probably one of my first sewing projects that I completed with my mum.

There is so much inspiration on insta for this pattern that will want you creating your own version! Just search the tag #M7789. You can also see the different ways you can mix and match the top and bottom parts.

Each year I usually try to find new patterns to test out, some of which never even make it to my blog. I think this year, given how little I’m going to work or out socially, I’ll probably just stick to a goal of using the fabric that I have in my stash and creating the garments that I already know and love.

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