Ninalee Kew Off-The-Shoulder Dress

I stumbled upon this dress in my Instagram feed with so many gorgeous version of this being created by other seamstresses. To have a look just search the hashtag #ninaleekewdress.

Ninalee is a UK based pattern company, which I had never seen or heard of before, so it was great to add them to my list of pattern designers!

Pattern Information

Description: Long flowy dress with fitted top with either sleeves or straps with off-the-shoulder sleeves.
Pattern: Ninalee Kew Dress
Material: Rayon fabric from Spotlight

What did you like about this pattern?

I made this dress with rayon material and looking at the different versions, I think I would have preferred making it with some fabric with a bit of stiffness to it, such as cotton blend, linen blends or even a light-weight denim.

This dress requires a lot of buttons being open at the front. I used to find by the time you purchased your buttons you may as well have just gone out and purchased a dress, given how expensive they can be. So instead, I got a bulk buy off Etsy and Ebay and thankfully that’s brought down the cost substantially.

I’ve used this button box for a number of projects, which is perfect for work shirts, skirts and many more. If you’re like me and trying to save money with your home projects I would highly recommend finding some cute bulk buttons online!

Did you make any alterations to this pattern?

You can see from the photos that I made the dress shorter than the original version. I also took out a bit of the width in the skirt to make it a more fitted.

This material just feels a bit too light for this dress and maybe a bit too floppy. I do really like the style of it though. Apart from the skirt alterations I did have to take it in a bit at the top and still found it a bit baggy around my bust. So maybe I’ll create a proper muslin next time to get it perfect.

Would you recommend this pattern?

Yes, this was a great pattern and you can see online it’s quite flattering to many different body shapes. Possibly if you’re new to this pattern designer like I was you could do a test version first to ensure you get the sizing correct.

I would love to make it again but it a heavier fabric, possibly linen next time.

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