Senna Tote Beach Bag #2

Senna Tote Beach Bag #2

This pattern is great and perfect to use for the beach or as an overnight bag. It’s really simple to make and only takes a couple of hours. Plus, you’ll want to test it out when beaches look this incredible! How could you not spend your weekends here in 28 degree summer weather!

Pattern Information

Pattern: Senna Tote Bag
Information: Perfect for bringing along the essentials, the Senna Tote features a fold over zipper flap opening and has a handy front pocket, a large back pocket, shoulder length straps, and a large divided inner pocket.
Fabric Used: 100% Cotton

Senna Tote Bag

What did you like about this pattern

After I made my first Senna Tote bag I was totally obsessed and used it religiously when I went to picnics or the beach. I also purchased this fabric from Spoonflower, which I thought would be a nice contrast to my first bag.

Did you make any alterations to the design?

I ended up using snaps on every pocket this time, including the ones inside the bag. After using this bag quite a lot at the beach I realised I needed a smaller bag to hold all of my sunscreen, phone, wallet, etc as sand gets inside. Therefore, my next project will be the No Guts Boxie Pouch in the same material.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

This is the second time I’ve created this bag now and still love it. I think like me once you start making it you’ll find the perfect use and maybe alter it to suit where you take it. I highly recommend this pattern and love the use of snaps inside the pockets.

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