Two-Toned Leila Dress

As soon as I finished my first Leila dress by Marsha Style patterns I knew I needed another one! I decided to colour contrast it with this abstract Duck Cloth cotton from Spotlight. This dress is so cute and comfortable to wear on the weekends and also really easy to make up!

Pattern Information

Description: The Leila Dress features a V-neckline with gathered tiers.
Pattern: Taree Marsh Leila Dress
Fabric: Lightweight denim
Changes I made: I brought the v-neck higher so it wasn’t so low cut. I also took it in about 10cms at the sides so the overall dress wasn’t so full.

What did you like about this pattern?

This colourful shift type dress dress reminds me a bit of the twiggy style! It’s so retro and fun! I could almost see myself wearing this to a 60’s themed party. Or shopping with the girls on the weekend. I also think this style would be really cute if you had a daughter and wanted to make matching outfits.

What’s been going on with me

I’ve been a bit unmotivated lately since this is now my 10th month working from home and miss the daily excitement from heading into the city. Although I have really enjoyed being home with the pugs since they have had their old age puggie issues and follow me around everywhere. Even upstairs when it’s getting muggy and hot!

This past week I downloaded Les Mills and the Sweat app and started working out from home since I find the gyms super boring. It’s actually helped a lot! I’ve also ordered a few more books to read since I haven’t been reading as much not having a daily work commute.

I have also recently finished my backyard for the pugs area so they have some nice new grass. I also built a spot to put a veggie garden in the holidays. It’s been really enjoyable having my own place and I get so excited about even the smallest renovations.

I have a few more dress reviews coming soon! A few trial and errors and some dresses I might not wear until I’m back working in the city but it’s been good to test out the different patterns and styles.

I hope everyone else is getting excited for Xmas holidays this year, especially after the year we’ve all had.

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