Vogue 1220 Fitted Dress

This Vogue dress is one of my old time favourite patterns. I have usually made this dress in a stretch cotton sateen and the fit is just beautiful. This pattern is also from my archives so it may not be available in store. However, possibly found online.

Pattern Information

Pattern: Vogue 1220
Fabric: Cotton Sateen from Spotlight
Pattern description: Loose-fitting, mid-knee length dress has shawl pleated collar, front dress pleats, pockets, front button closure and tie belt.

What did you like about this pattern?

Once you get the fit right on this dress it’s a fairly easy dress to stitch up, especially for a Vogue design. I like that if you make this in a darker colour cotton sateen fabric you don’t need any lining and it is a really snug, well-fitted dress. The top of the dress feels very Japanese inspired and the additional front pockets are amazing. Honestly, who doesn’t love pockets on a dress!

It’s also really easy to style this dress with a waist belt, tights and some accessories. Or you could sew up the pattern waist belt in the same fabric (which I didn’t have enough material to do).

Did you make any pattern alterations?

I had to find some pictures from my archives (2013) to showcase this dress when I first made it. The white and black scratchy style print dress was created from the original pattern. As you can see it’s quite short! So all future versions I made for this dress I actually extended the skirt so it was longer and more wearable for work.

This was also one of the first good examples for me on why it’s important to prewash your fabrics before you make anything. I remember making this dress and then it shrunk almost two sizes after I washed it. I don’t think I was able to stretch it back out to the original sizing, so it was then unwearable.

You can tell from the version below that the skirt length has been extended quite a lot, which is what my final pattern ended up being drafted as for all future dresses.

Would you make this pattern again?

If I make this dress again I might actually bring out the bottom of the skirt so it doesn’t go slim fitted right near the knees. It would make the width of the bottom of the skirt bigger, which could allow for a bit more length. However, overall I really like the pattern once it was lengthened and recommend it for anyone who has it in your stash.

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