Vogue 1236 Work Dress

Vogue 1236 Work Dress

Hello corporate world! This week I created two new handmade outfits to add to my work wardrobe. This little black and white dress and shirt combination is really comfortable and style to wear. You could even dress it with a large waist belt for a more stylish look.

Me Made Handmade Work Wardrobe

My work is very corporate and inner city which I am really enjoying, especially because of the outfits you get to wear each day. Despite moving floors every few months, it’s a really great place to work and I’ve really adapted to that hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere. My work also holds these really great events, last week they gave away free gelato ice cream setup in the foyer and a previous week we got to visit the seeing eye dog puppies who were raising money.

So yes, being in a fun, corporate office means that I love to dress up and get involved with work events around amazing people in new handmade outfits.

Pattern Information

Description: Dress: Loose fitting pull-on sleeveless dress with waist tie and top front pleats. Shirt: This chic button up blouse can be made short or long enough to be worn as a tunic with leggings. It features dramatic cuffs and darts for a flattering silhouette.
Pattern: Vogue 1236 and BurdaStyle Button up Tunic
Material: Lightweight Linen and Cotton Voile

What did you like about this pattern?

This Vogue 1236 dress is an older DKNY pattern that is no longer in print. I’ve owned this pattern from when I first started sewing back around 2012 which I really loved learning off. It a very simple dress and one that is perfect for beginner sewers. I love that it has really big deep pockets and a slip over baggy-style dress which you can dress up with a large waist belt.

It can also sewn in a number of different fabric types included linen, cotton sateen, cotton blends, suiting and many more. Below I’ve used a light-weight linen but I’ve previously sewn it in a cotton sateen and it worked really well.

Both outfits are really simple, easy to make and create the perfect work combination.

Did you make any pattern alterations?

The Vogue 1236 is very simple with only a few pattern pieces so I didn’t make any alterations. The work shirt is the same version that I created in my Burdastyle Checked Button up shirt post.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

The DKNY dress is a really simple pattern and a great introduction to Vogue patterns. I really love how stylish this dress is while being a very basic pattern, with minimal pattern pieces. If you can get your hands on one of these patterns I would highly recommend this as a work style outfit. The Burdastyle shirts are also a great addition to this dress either in fun, bright colours or in basic colours like this version.

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