Vogue 1313 Zipper Front Dress

Over the Easter break I decided to whip up a few dresses to wear to work. I have so many patterns but thankfully landed on this nifty Vogue number, which I was really pleased with the result.

Pattern Information

Description: Semi-fitted dress has partially lined yokes, seam detail, no side seams, side front pockets, front exposed zipper and top-stitching.
Material: Linen and Linen blend with a cotton lining
Pattern: Vogue Pattern 1313

What did you like about this sewing pattern?

I’ve always loved the colour block type dresses so I pulled out my floral cotton sateen that I bought a while ago at Spotlight and pieced it together with some black cotton sateen. I also included a lightweight cotton lining.

The one thing on this dress that makes it feel a lot less handmade was the use of the jacket zipper. However, if you’re not careful the zipper alone can end up making this garment quite costly, at $10 per zip! So if you can, it might be worth buying a few of these online in bulk or going direct to a supplier to save on overall cost.

The second dress I made was out of a linen and linen blend. I think the colour block worked really great on this version as well. The best part about this pattern is that there are a few different pieces so you can pick and choose which parts you want in a different colour or you can just make it all the same.

I like this version because it will be great in winter with a short sleeve shirt and black tights. The best part about this dress is that it also includes pockets!

Did you make any pattern alterations?

No, I followed the pattern as per the packet as I don’t like to stray too much on Vogue given how it all pieces together nicely in the end and the amount of pattern pieces you have to include.

Would you recommend this sewing pattern to others?

This pattern is now out of print, so it might be a bit more difficult to get your hands on but if you can, I highly recommend it. It’s a really lovely design and it’s actually quite easy to make. You can also mix and match a range of different fabric colours and types which makes it look more like a store bought dress.

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