Baby teethers, bucket hats and dresses

I wanted to create some gifts for friends that were having babies and came across some really adorable patterns that would be perfect. I also created two different matching fabric’s on Spoon Flower that I wanted to use and since they were combed cotton fabric these would be ideal for kids projects.

Pattern Information

Patterns: BurdaStyle Pleated Baby Dress by BurdaStyle, BurdaStyle reversible bucket hat and the See Kate Sew Baby Teether
Fabric Type: 100% cotton and terry towelling
Sewing Level: Beginner sewer

Bucket Hats

I tested out the reversible bucket hats with a few different combinations of lining and decided that one layer of iron-on interfacing gave the perfect stiffness. If you don’t include some sort of interfacing it becomes too floppy to wear. Especially because you can flip the front flap up to reveal the different colour fabric underneath.

The two top hats were from material I purchased at Spotlight and you use such a small amount of fabric they work out to be around $3-4 each. This just proves how valuable sewing is if you have small children, as it only took about 20 minutes to sew up both hats.

The bottom two hats were from the material I had in my stash from creating some designs on Spoon Flower. This fabric can get a little more expensive, especially if you add shipping to the price.

Baby Teethers

So many of my friends have young babies or are pregnant, so these teethers are a perfect gift. I’ve also heard some parents actually wet them and freeze them so when their babies are going through a bad night with teething issues they have a really cold teether to soothe the pain.

To create these teethers I have used the See Kate Sew Baby Teether pattern. You can purchase the wooden or bamboo rings on Etsy for about $20 for 30. Then you only need the smallest amount of fabric and I’ve cut up a hand towel, which makes these little beauties cost about $4 each! Pretty good when you can make a dozen and then match them to their outfits!

The best thing about these teethers is that you can untie the fabric from the bamboo rings and wash them when they’re dirty.

Baby Dress

This BurdaStyle pattern came with a few different alternatives such as cap sleeves, full sleeves and even a different back. I decided to try both sleeve versions making one dress longer than the other.

From the time it took me to cut the paper pattern, sew it up and then hand-stitch the edging it was a total of 2.5 hours for both dresses. I used snaps for the buttons since they’re not only easy to install on your garments, but they’re perfect for children and babies. Overall, it’s the perfect little baby dress and the design itself it just so cute!

Would you recommend these patterns to others?

I would highly recommend these easy to sew patterns and they’re great for beginner sewers since they are so quick and easy. I used to work at a sewing and embroidery company and it was amazing to see how many new mums would come in a purchase sewing machines because of how valuable it is to sew your own outfits or even mend or repair purchased items.

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