Burda B6916 Geometric Shape Dress

When I first saw the Burdastyle 6916 sewing pattern I was completely in love with the version (B) of this dress (shown left). It also matched one of the dresses that I had recently saved to my Pinterest board (shown right), so I knew I had to make my own version!

Pattern Information

Pattern: Burda 6916
Description: Geometric shapes and interesting seam lines provide an exciting look. Particularly plain-colour fabrics give them a premium touch but also when made up of striped fabrics, very special effects are created.
Fabric used: Cotton/Linen blend

What did I like about this pattern?

I loved not only the fit of this dress, being perfect for work but the fact that you could really alter the design of the dress with the fabric patterns and shapes. It was really easy to recreate the geometric looking dress with the simple lined linen fabric. I used the neckline version (C) for this dress but now looking at the pattern I probably would have also liked to create it in the (B) version.

Burdastyle 9616 Dress

Did you make any alterations to the pattern?

I didn’t make any alterations to this pattern. One thing I really loved was the different types of sleeves included in the pattern. It really allows for the different body shapes and types of preferences. One of the big reasons I wanted to learn how to sew was to create dresses that had sleeves and pockets!

Would you sew this again and recommend?

This pattern would be great for beginner sewers being a commercial pattern. So it has the full set of step-by-step instructions. It’s also great to see such a cool design with only one type of fabric, just altering the direction of the fabric against the pattern pieces.

Yes, I would sew it again and here are my other versions!

The dress above was created using a more stretch knit style fabric, which still worked well.

This version was created in a cotton fabric, with a poplin lining.

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