Burda & Butterick Mashup Summer Dress

A fun, pattern hack creating a summer dress using existing BurdaStyle and Butterick sewing patterns. This is the perfect combination to make a comfortable, flattering style dress you can wear to many different occasions.

Pattern Information

Pattern: BurdaStyle #101 top and Butterick 5949 skirt
Description: This is a bit of a mash up including a BurdaStyle slim fit dress top and the Butterick slim fitted pleated skirt.
Fabric used: Cotton sateen with a cotton poplin lining

What did you like about this pattern?

I was quite happy with the outcome of this mashup dress. It included two pattern pieces from different dresses that I had made a really liked. However, I wanted to create a more summery, lunch type dress that I could wear out with friends in Cotton Sateen. I think it’s great when you make patterns and love certain elements in the garment that can then be applied to other outfits.

What alterations did you make to the pattern?

This dress was formed as a bit of an experiment since I loved the BurdaStyle #101 dress but don’t like with gathered skirts with my body shape. Therefore, I added the slim-fitting Butterick 5949 skirt pattern since it sat exactly where I needed it to go on the waistline. I’ve also added pockets to give it a more casual look.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

So based on this not being a proper dress pattern I would certainly recommend swapping and styling different pattern parts of dresses or garments that you love. It has been one of the best ways I have learnt to sew and create dresses in styles that I really like wearing.

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