Butterick B5747 Sailor Dress

It was finally time for me to make my first costume for a friends Bachelorette party! The theme was a “Sailors Hens” and of course, I was thrilled with the opportunity to make my own costume.

Once again I searched through the commercial sewing patterns and really loved the red striped and navy look sailor dresses. The dress pattern that I thought was a similar match to alter into a design I was happy with was Butterick 5747 pattern.

Butterick 5747

Pattern Information

Pattern: Butterick 5747
Description: Dress has wide collar, detachable dickey, fitted bodice, button closure, waistband, pleated skirt, and belt.
Fabric used: Cotton top and linen skirt

What pattern alterations did you make?

To create this version I had to create a few different muslins, mainly altering to top of the dress and collar. This included rounding the attached collar, removing the “dickey” part of the pattern, extending the dress so it sat higher on my chest, squaring the back of the collar and also adding long sleeves. Once I had the pattern right I could then start to add in my ‘sailor’ features. This included the white strips on the collar and sleeves, navy skirt and big white buttons.

What did you like about this pattern?

I absolutely loved the slim fitting style of this dress, it felt very flattering and turned out exactly how I imaged a sailor dress would look. I was also happy with the cost of fabrics and buttons being only $20, when to hire a dress it was upwards of $80 – $120.

The night went off with a hit and I received lots of lovely comments on my outfit, asking what shop I purchased it from. It’s such a great feeling when you’ve put lots of hard work into creating it yourself! Below is the photo of me and the gorgeous hen back in 2014 enjoying the fun of a Sailor costume party!

Sailor Party Time!

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