Closet Core Kalle Shirt dress

I recently found a heap of versions of this dress searching on my Instagram honeylovesewing. There were so many beautiful styles made from linen to the lightweight rayon fabrics, so I thought I’d test out the pattern myself. The dress below was the first ‘test’ dress that I made from some scrap lightweight linen I had and I’ve since purchased some 100% cotton material to make my second version.

Pattern Information

Description: With a loose, body-skimming silhouette and a number of interchangeable features it’s the ultimate for easy dressing.
Pattern: Closet Core Kalle Shirt & Shirt dress pattern
Material: Lightweight linen from Spotlight

What did you like about this pattern?

This was a really quick, easy pattern to stitch up and very light-weight and comfortable. The pattern also comes with a shirt version so you can choose from a dress or shirt. The pattern itself is very detailed and easy to follow so it would be great for beginner sewers.

Did you make any changes to the pattern?

I made absolutely no changes to this pattern. I cut out the size specified to my measurements and the only real way I could tell it was the correct fit was from the shoulders because the dress itself it quite baggy. I think for my second version I will make a belt in the same fabric to tie around the waist. However, it’s perfect for summer or wearing to the beach.

Would you recommend this pattern?

This pattern itself was $16 US, so about $22 in Australia, which is quite costly for a single pattern. However, a lot of these indie patterns work out to be around the same price, especially those from the UK or US. I was happy to fork out the money this time and thankfully it was really easy to sew and fit quite well!

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