Crochet Baby Blanket

If you’re looking for a cute, soft and extremely fluffy blanket for a baby or toddler this is the perfect project! I’ve now created three blankets, all are going to be gifts to friends and family for their 1 year old or new born babies.

They end up being approximately 80cm x 80cm in width, which is the perfect size for a pram or carry blanket.

How to make this blanket

Purchase 2 x Makr Baby Blanket Yarn – 250g Polyester Yarn from Lincraft. I bought a multi-coloured one, plus 1 x plain colour for the edging. These wool yarns are about $10 each but when they are on sale they come down to about $5.50.

Crotchet needle: 7mm

Lincraft – Makr Baby Blanket Yarn

For the tutorial on how to crochet a granny square blanket, as mentioned in my previous post I highly recommend Bella Coco’s video. She went through each step slowly and I found it really easy to follow along to create a basic square. She also shows you enough of the blanket that you’re comfortable to continue on, making the rest yourself.

The one thing I really love about this yarn is that it’s soooo thick and fluffy. Because of the thickness of the wool you could try adding 7 loops to the first circle just to give you that extra space to start. However, I found it pretty easy to get going once I had created the first square of the blanket.

The colours are so soft and pretty. The only issue you will find is trying to decide on what colour combination to choose from, as you can see I’ve made a few variations above.

Super easy and quick project to make and I highly recommend for those looking for something to do in lock down!

Now I just have to let my poor kitty down by passing these onto friends – I think he was getting excited that he’s just scored a few more blankets for his window beds!

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