Lekala Dress with Wrap Skirt

I have the tendency to absolutely fall head over heals in love with certain patterns. Once I created a dress in my “pattern copy cat” post I was smitten and just started creating this dress in every fabric type and colour imaginable.

Pattern Information

Pattern: Lekala Dress with Wrap Skirt
Description: A stylish dress with square neckline and mid length open wrap skirt.
Fabric used: Cotton Sateen, Polyester and Rayon.

What did you like about this pattern?

I made the first dress in one colour cotton sateen and the fit was perfect. I wanted to see what other styles of fabric worked and started playing around with rayon, polyester and cotton. All of them had a different fit and style but overall they all worked beautifully and became dresses that I adored.

This dress is perfect for almost any occasion, race day, beach, festival, casual date, movies, you name it. You can dress it up or down and is without a doubt my favourite dress pattern to date. Plus, it’s so easy to make! When you make the dress in over five different styles you know you’ve found a winner.

What pattern alterations did you make?

You can see from my blog post Copy Cat Hello Molly Dress Sewing Hack where I altered this pattern in a few different ways to change the layout and style. However, in this post you can see how it aligns more with the original pattern, making changes to the shoulders, sleeves and eventually curving the top chest instead of the straight fitting. I also tried it with and without sleeves to see what styles suited me more.

In this version below I have also extended the skirt so it was longer on one side and this matches what I wrote about in my Copy Cat dress pattern hack.

Fabric Styling for Lekala Wrap Dress

You can see this dress fits in a variety of fabric types. I ended up using some of my Spoonflower fabric to create the Blue watercolour version. I also got creative a designed my own version of fabric, which you can buy on Spoonflower.


Creating my own Festival Dress!

As per my Copy Cat Hello Molly post you can see below the dress outcome I made for the Electric Daisy Carnival festival in 2015. It was such a bright, fun design and worked perfectly with the flower head piece.

Festival Dress Lekala Wrap

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

The Lekala Patterns are a company from Geneva Switzerland and are more in line with the BurdaStyle dress patterns. You can plug in your sizing for chest, waist and hips and the patterns will be fitted to your size, or you can use the standard pattern sizing and just cut it out as normal. The instructions are also quite basic, so you have to know a little bit about sewing. Due to this I probably wouldn’t recommend them for beginner sewers but those who are comfortable with pattern cutting and fitting. As you can see I’ve done quite a lot of alterations to get these different dress outcomes. So it’s worth cutting out a toile first and ensuring they have the right fit before cutting out your good fabric.

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