Minnie Mouse Handmade Costume

As another dress up party invite pops in the mail I thought what a great opportunity to make my own outfit! This dress was for a friends 30th Disney dress up party and I decided to go as Minnie Mouse. I started with the “Dress with gathered rectangle skirt” by BurdaStyle and just ordered the ears off eBay.

Pattern Information

Pattern: BurdaStyle #101
Description: BurdaStyle Dress with gathered skirt, fitted top and sleeves.
Fabric used: Cotton and a tulle underlay

What did you like about this pattern?

Once I started cutting out and creating the dress I really loved how it all came together. The hardest part was just getting the right type of material to create a Minnie Mouse match. See the inspiration below of Minnie Mouse artwork on “I want one of those“.

There are three parts to the skirt: the top polka dot cotton material, a tulle underlay and a third black cotton underlay skirt so the tulle doesn’t rest on your skin and itch. This is what’s giving the skirt the extra volume and flare. Since the skirt it basically a rectangle you can gather it and see how much fabric you need to give it that full body.

Did you make any alterations to the pattern?

The main alterations were omitting the small sleeve from the dress top front and back. Once this was done I was able to add full sleeves and a small white collar to match the Minnie Mouse design.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

This was a really fun pattern to create and I really enjoyed how it turned out. I think when you’re creating a costume there is always a sewing pattern that you can match up fairly easily. I certainly recommend trying out different costume designs, you might really enjoy it!

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